Gallery History
I have been showing my paintings and illustrations in gallery settings since 2005.  Here is a listing with some of the highlights including links to the websites of the galleries and organizations who helped give my creations an audience.  All these experiences have given me the courage to keep presenting all of this to the public...

Cult of Personality at MIR Gallery
Got Art (if you want it),  Alter Gallery (Clarksville, TN)  June 2005
   - I displayed an early low brow painting at my very first gallery experience, curated by Miranda Herrick (now of MIR Gallery in Nashville.)  I went on to display work at the gallery in several group exhibitions.

Tour of Wurdz (Clarksville, TN)  July 2005 - 2007
  - Tour of Wurdz is an open-mic event held at various establishments down here on the Planet Earth.  Hosted by Gikuyu Wamuiru and myself, shows included live poetry, spoken word, music of all genres, political speakers, even magicians along with live art and displayed group exhibits.  Venues included The Warehouse, The Icehouse Cafe, Alter Gallery, The Island Bar and Grill and many more spots local to Clarksville.

Art X-Po at The Icehouse Cafe (Clarksville, TN)  2005-2008
  - I curated over fifty group and solo art exhibits from regional artists including myself, Charles Bennett, Jeff Bertrand, Miranda Herrick, Mike McKelvey, Brother Dirt, Chad Spann, Andy Casali and so many other wonderful, talented people.


New Works by Brandt Hardin,  Borders Bookstore (Clarksville, TN) May 2006 
  -This was my very first opportunity to display my work by itself.  I presented a body of framed watercolors and illustrations.

Topsy-Turvy, Icehouse Café (Clarksville, TN) September 2006
  - My first body of Topsy-Turvy works were each illustration is wired to hang in multiple directions. [Click here for some blog posts about this series]

Scenes of Faith and Devotion, The Phoenix Theater (Bowling Green, KY) February - March 2007
  - This exhibit was the first solo opportunity I was awarded through a juried process. [Click here for a blog post about one of the works]

Scenes of Faith and Devotion, Icehouse Cafe (Clarksville, TN) June 2007
   - This body of work was displayed again in full after only part of the works were displayed at The Phoenix Theater.  [Click here for a blog post about one of the works]

Scraps & Motives, Café Coco (Nashville, TN) August - September 2008
  - Exhibited works included works on repurposed media such as sticky notes and scrap lengths of paper.  [Click here for my blog about similar works]

Declaration of Tears; Trail of Independence, Icehouse Café (Clarksville, TN) November 2008
  - Solo exhibit of twenty-eight illustrations of Native American imagery on pages from The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. [Click here for my blog about this series]

Felt & Found, L&N Depot Gallery (Hopkinsville, KY) July 2009
  - Solo exhibition of fifteen new illustrations

Cult of Personality, MIR Gallery (Nashville, TN) December 2009
  - Solo exhibit of Pop Surrealist Portraits including Aldous Huxley, Ronald Reagan, The Beatles, Alfred Hitchcock, and more! [Click here for my blog about this exhibit]

Topsy-Turvy II, Wired Coffee Company (Hendersonville, TN) March 2010
  - Solo exhibit of Topsy-Turvy works which can be hung either side up.  [Click here for my blog about this exhibit]

Flier for Topsy Turvy II

Sacred Texts, Tennessee Art League Premier Gallery (Nashville, TN) January - February 2011 
  - Illustrations on pages from The Holy Bible and The Declaration of Independence [Click here for my blog about this exhibit]

-First solo exhibit to exclusively feature paintings composed of mixed media (acrylics over spray paint)


Broken Candles, Bruce Child’s Studio (Clarksville, TN) Aug ‘06
The 2nd Annual Dirty South Show, Mantis Tattoo (Clarksville, TN) Aug ‘06

Gimme Shelter, (Tour across US and Europe) Jan-Dec ‘07 [blog]

My Way, a Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra, Roxy Theater (Clarksville, TN) Feb ‘08
Julius Caesar, Roxy Theater (Clarksville, TN) Mar ‘08
Learn, Promote, Defend, Mason Murer Art Gallery (Atlanta, GA) Dec ‘08
The Color of Money, FCCA (Fredericksburg, VA) Dec ‘08

Honey, Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) March 2009
DIG:  Embodiment, Downtown Presbyterian Church (Nashville, TN) March 2009
20x20x20, LSU, (Baton Rouge, LA) April 2009
NFO XPO, Version Fest ’09 (Chicago, IL) April 2009

From Mickey Brand Halo in Hong Kong
Dreams: A Journey Within, Art Cartel (Louisville, KY ) June 2009
BEErotica, Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) July 2009
Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) July 2009
Hip-Hop, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) July 2009
The Canvas Project, Atlanta Airport Atrium Gallery, (Atlanta, GA) July – Sept 2009
Coffee & Cigarettes, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) August 2009
Love Letters to the Post Office, Twist Art Gallery (Nashville, TN) August 2009
11th Annual Regional Exhibit, The Renaissance Center (Dickson, TN) August 2009
King Bee, Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) September 2009
Robots vs. Aliens, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) September 2009 
Dirty Show 10.5, Bert’s Warehouse Theater (Detroit, MI) September 2009
Empty the Fridge, Art House (Portland, ME) November 2009
Low Brow Southern Culture Show, Charlie Bob’s (Nashville, TN) Nov 2009 [blog]
Self-Portrait Show, Thumbprint Gallery (San Diego, CA) December 2009 [blog]
Postcard Show, The Lab (San Francisco, CA) December 2009

3rd Biennial Juried Exhibition, Customs House Museum (Clarksville, TN) Jan ‘10
15 Artists 5 Themes, Studio 83 (Nashville, TN) March 2010

Click HERE for the Five Themes / 15 Artists Group Exhibit!
Pick Your Poison, Art Cartel (Louisville, KY) July 2010
Diorama Show, Billups Art (Nashville, TN) August 2010
Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Roxy Theater (Clarksville, TN) Oct 2010

Click HERE for The Dracula Exhibit with Charles Bennett!

Day of the Dead, Youngblood Gallery (Atlanta, GA) Oct 2010
Fight Back / Move Forward, Billups Art (Nashville, TN) Oct 2010
Low Brow Southern Show II, Charlie Bob’s Drive-in (Nashville, TN) Nov 2010 [Blog]
VisualAIDS, RGB Gallery (New York, NY) December 2010
February 2011 - Dirty Show 12, Bert’s Warehouse Theater (Detroit, MI) 
March 19, 2011 - 80square - Tinney Contemporary (Nashville, TN)
March 26, 2011 - Retro TV Group Exhibit - No Egrets Tattoo (Clarksville,TN)
April 7-29, 2011 - US Bank Open Exhibition - APSU Downtown Gallery (Clarksville, TN)
June 3-24, 2011 - maito: - Drift Station Gallery (Lincoln, NE)
September 17, 2011 - Frolic on Franklin (Downtown Clarksville, TN)