Wallpapers, Etc...
Click on the wallpapers below to get the backgrounds for your computer or laptop.  You can also right-click and "save link as."

Black Rain 800x600
Black Rain 1280x1024

Black Rain 1024x768

Black Rain 1280x720
Black Rain 1920x1080

Dead Clown 800x600

Dead Clown 1024x768
Dead Clown 1280x1024

Dead Clown 1280x720
Dead Clown 1920x1080

Monkey Mantra 800x600

Monkey Mantra 1024x768

Monkey Mantra 1280x720

You know, advice is also FREE! Check out these incredible creatives... some who I know, some who I worship but all inspire!

Tribal Night 800x600

Tribal Night 1024x768

Tribal Night 1280x720