Pen and ink illustrations...

We the People (2007 / inks on Bible pages)
Buddha (inks on Bible page / 2007)
Sacred Texts: Omega (inks on Bible page / 2006)
SACRED TEXTS is a exhibition of collected works of art created from Fall 2006-Summer 2007.  Chosen works are drawn from two series of illustrations… 

The first body of work is composed of imagery taken from Native American arts and transposed on pages from The Declaration of Independence, giving the series’ name: Declaration of Tears; Trail of Independence.

The second body of work is composed on pages from The Holy Bible and called Sacred Texts, from which the exhibition takes its name.

All illustrations are drawn directly on pages from the books.  The outlines are made with light colors such as purple and blue to preserve the original text on the pages.

"Killer Whale Totem" 2006

In the autumn of 2006, I had taken a job in Hopkinsville, KY, a small town in which lies along the route of The Trail of Tears. For those not familiar with the phrase, this was the forcible relocation of Native Americans from their homelands to Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) in the Western United States in 1831.  Many Native Americans suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while en route to their destinations, and many died, including 4,000 of the 15,000 relocated Cherokee.

I quickly found upon my relocation that there is no shortage of signage in Christian County commemorating this painful historic event. From the National Trail of Tears Motor Route signs at every turn to the Trail of Tears Park, I soon got a full dose of inspiration to do their culture better. The typical modes of "memorializing" such a sad and terrible incident in human history seemed a bit macabre to me and sparked my mind’s eye to begin to develop a project to translate my newly developed feelings about the subject. I decided I wanted to memorialize the Native American culture in a way that honored them as a people and reflected their rich culture.

"Dogfish" 2006

My choice of canvas for these works was pages from The Declaration of Independence.  I had been toying with the idea of incorporating text into my work at the time I began these illustrations but had only attempted this through a newly acquired typewriter.  This was the gateway which moved me to start sketching imagery from Native American arts and crafts on the pages of the book.  The imagery which inspired these works were the bright patterns of the native clothing and decorations as well as totem polls and kachina dolls.  The juxtaposition of the imagery against the text created a voice for the series.
Kachinas (inks on Declaration of Independence pages / 2006)

The Wolf and The Bear (inks on Declaration of Independence pages / 2006)

Mountain Hawk Totem (inks on Declaration of Independence pages / 2006)
Peyote (inks on Declaration of Independence pages / 2006)
SACRED TEXTS (Illustrated Pages from The Holy Bible)

My Sacred Texts series roots from my Declaration of Tears; Trail of Independence work in regards to method. After completing those works, I wanted to do something similar but did not find a media which called to me straight away. I stopped to fill up at a convenience store one evening in route to an exhibition I was curating. To my pleasure and reward, someone had placed copies of the Holy Bible on top of all of the gas pumps. I found my new calling then and there.

African Masks (2007 / inks on pages from The Holy Bible)
Angel (2007 / inks on Bible pages)

Sacred Texts
76 FULL Color Pages  /  2011  /  5.5in x 8.5in

Collected works of illustrations on pages from The Holy Bible and The Declaration of Independence.  Artist statements are also included explaining the symbolism of the imagery which inspired each work.

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