Which Side is Up?

Art which can hang in multiple directions...
"Topsy-Turvy: Comedy and Tragedy" 2005 
When I'm drawing, I often spin the page around and around as I sketch and as I outline.  I do this because a great illustration exercise is to draw something upside down because you pay attention to the true structure of it rather than what you perceive in your mind.  One day a very long time ago now, I started filling the pages of a bound sketchbook with eyes and faces to where it could be looked at from different positions and perspectives.  These were some of the first drawings which many of my peers were receptive to- in turn, inspiring me to explore the process off and on for years until around 2005 when I was beginning to take my art seriously.  My second solo exhibition was Topsy-Turvy at The Icehouse Cafe in 2006.

Topsy-Turvy: Goldeneye (inks on bristol / 2009)

Topsy-Turvy II Flier from 2010 for my solo exhibit at Wired.

"Topsy-Turvy: Sushi" inks on bristol / 2009
"Topsy-Turvy: Tribal Idol" inks on paper / 2006
"Topsy-Turvy: Horrorfest" inks on bristol / 2009
Topsy-Turvy: Horrorshow" inks on paper / 2006
Topsy-Turvy: Octopus's Garden (The Beatles) inks on bristol / 2009
"Topsy-Turvy: King and Queen of Hearts" inks on bristol / 2008

(Left) "Topsy-Totem"  (Right) "Topsy-Turvy: Grinna" inks on paper / 2007
"Topsy-Turvy: Birdwatcher" inks on paper / 2007