Monday, January 11, 2010

Rivers & Spires 2010

The Rivers & Spires website has a nice page up about this year's poster contest for the local arts & music festival and my winning design!

UPDATE: April / 2010 (after the festival)

The weekend was amazing and we met a wonderful group of people from all over Middle Tennessee! I had the privilege of spending part of my morning Saturday with Hank Bonecutter from WJZM Clarksville!

I had a great conversation with Hank about Meatloaf (off the air). Hank had pleasant things to say about the guy in person from his interviews back in the Bat Out of Hell I days (as do I; I've seen him in concert twice to pay homage). I'm rocking the cover on my T with these folks who won copies of my poster at this year's festival!

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