Sunday, October 24, 2010

[07] COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Zombie Walk of Fame

One week to go until Halloween and we keep our journey afloat down the river of filth and gore that is The Zombie Walk of Fame...

Tonight's featured guest from my who's who of celebrity zombiedom is none other than Vincent Price. My newest pick for your previewing pleasure has a long history of lending his talents to the horror genre of the film industy. My personal favorite is The Last Man on Earth (1964), the original film adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel, I Am Legend.

It's a small world y'all and many of the stars of the Walk have crossed paths at certain points in their careers. The past couple of nights, we've seen that with our themes. Here is a Halloween-inspired clip for you tonight featuring our subject with a vampire Kermit the Frog (which I found creepy stuff for The Muppets.)

...And your weekend bonus, Zombie Kermit!!! (When he gets colored, he'll be blooooooody!)

Keep dropping by on Monday and we'll zombify the work-week as we count down to Halloween!

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