Friday, October 22, 2010

[09] COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Zombie Walk of Fame

Tonight's post is a Trekkie's wet zombie dream. We keep truckin' down the Zombie Walk of Fame with my sketches of both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. I've teamed them up tonight in their zombie forms for your previewing pleasure. Sci-fi geeks world-wide have been dressing up as Star Trek characters since the shows inception in the 60's (and now not just for Halloween with the convention scenes).

TONIGHT'S EASTER EGG: Here has it from Shatner's mouth himself about being the "face" of Halloween's Michael Myers...

William Shatner and Patrick Stewart Zombie Linework finished up tonight...

I had mad fun this evening inking these two bad boys, which are great examples of where we're going with this series. The end goal is a Zombie Walk of Fame book with all 101 finished and colored celebrity zombies for your viewing pleasure. See you tomorrow as one more day drops off the calendar toward Haaallooooweeeeen!

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