Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Retro TV Night...

Artwork by Loyd Gant
This Saturday night, you'll get a full dose of local pop surrealist art if you drop in at No Egrets Tattoo on College Street here in ClarksVegas.  From the mind and organization of Joe Melanson comes a HUGE exhibit featuring works by artists like Brooke E, Charles Bennett, Jeff Bertrand, Chad Spann, and more.  Clarksville was long overdue for a major group exhibit, so thanks for taking out your trumpet and making the call brother.

The show is FREE and open to the public THIS Saturday night!  I'll see you there with a dozen works, some fan favorites along with never before exhibited work.  Here's your taste of some of them...

Inks on Bristol / 2009

With the theme of "Retro TV Night," many of my Cult of Personality series' works come to mind including my portrait of Alfred Hitchcock.  This illustration borrows it's name from one of the director's famous quotes, "A man cannot live by murder alone."  I grew up with my dad glued to his Nick at Night, which ran Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  The macabre stories and Hitchcock's dry but manic sense of humor were a stable of television in my youth.  The art I created features scenes from Hitchcock's films.  Can you name them all?

Inks on Bristol / 2008

I grew up watching wrestling and my folks had one of those ancient huge satellite dishes which looked like you were communicating with the beyond to anyone who drove by the place.  We'd find obscure channels, especially foreign language ones and watch programs like Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling.  This Topsy-Turvy work is called "Luchadores of the Squared-Circle."

See these and many more works at this FREE exhibit Saturday night, March 26th starting at 7PM!

UPDATE  03/27/2011

Joe Melanson with his Sculpture
First and foremost, a huge thanks to Joe Melanson for bringing an incredibly rich group of artists together for a long-overdue major group event here in Clarksville last night.  Joe and the staff at No Egrets built these huge gallery walls suspended from the ceilings of the warehouse section of the tattoo studio's building to house some of the south-east's wildest low brow artists.  There was installation art, live art, painting, sculpture, found object art, photography, live music, and even a huge cake shaped like a television set.  Joe, you really pulled out all the stops and I certainly hope you have the calling to organize another show this year.
The Artists
Heather Bowker made a custom TV cake for the opening!
Live painting I did with Jeff Bertrand during the show.  Jeff and I have done live art together at several events over the years.
Paul Fly and Brooke E having an academic discussion I probably wouldn't understand.

Now that's Low Brow Baby!

Charles Bennett (Sick creations from a sick mind.)

Jeff Bertrand's display

Installation Art

I brought a limited edition of 5 Topsy-Turvy: Jax prints to raffle off... one ended up with the DJs.

Ain't no $ in art.

I couldn't resist also sharing a few awesome shots Ash Burress got from this past weekend...

Joey Petrone got some shots of the live painting and was awesome enough to throw this together for me...
(Click to see the time lapse!)


  1. Thanks for the kind words Brandt. It was my privledge to host such a great group of artists. I am happy to be a part of the Nashville and Clarksville scene. We are a great group and we should stick by each other's side.
    I promise to hold more shows soon, and if you would ever like to help, or have any suggestions I am open. I look forward to working along side you in the near future.
    Keep up the great works of art and I'll be seeing you in this crazy life we all chose.
    Once again, thanks for the kind words and being a part of my show.

    Joe Melanson

  2. Glad I was involved Joe, you did a great job! I hope to see more of the same.


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