Friday, April 29, 2011

Illustration Friday: The Dunce

"The Dunce" inks on bristol / 2009
A simple but powerful word- "Lesson" is the theme for this week's Illustration Friday

Man we all learn them... the hard way, the easy way, a more complicated way than it should have been.  Our retention for learning from both failure and success is what makes us human.  Ironically, last night I tweeted,
still learning and visualizing every day #thesecret 
The Secret to The Universe is visualization.  If you can dream it, it is a reality.  This is how art works.  This is how we achieve and evolve- how we built the wheel, then monuments, then houses, skyscrapers and vehicles.  A man stood at the bank of a river and saw the first bridge ever constructed and after many failed attempts, brought about a way to pass.  
So don't be The Dunce, don't sit in the corner.  Think about WHAT you want each and every day and a unsuspecting little cocktail of coincidence, laws of attraction, and fate will deliver on it.  It may be days, months, or years but if you write down your goals (from the immediate little ones to the seemingly unattainable,) they will come to fruition! Thoughts become things... pick the good ones!

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