Monday, May 30, 2011

Wishing you PEACE on Memorial Day from DREGstudios!

With all the hatred we experience in the world on a daily basis, I want to wish everyone PEACE in their lives today.  As it is Memorial Day, we remember those lost as a token in the cost of WAR- wars both just and unjust- those for pride and those for profit.  The most fitting and thoughtful memory you can have for those memorialized today is one of purpose and progress.  As life is a wild of a ride, we get too caught up in the ups and downs of our everyday struggle to think about tomorrow nevertheless the state of the world for future generations to come. Never forget, we're in this together whether we like it or not (and I don't mean both sides of the isle, I mean the entire human race.)
"Sacred Texts:  We the People" inks on pages from The Holy Bible (2007)
    Wars have been waged and raged throughout the entire history of man (over love, over territory, over food and fire... none of which can be held in context today for cause of war as far as much of the free world is concerned.)  Today, the stakes are raised much higher as WAR is now BIG Business with natural resources and profiteering on the table.  As a people, we can continue to allow this to escalate or stand and lend our voices. The money spent on war (nevertheless that made from it) could be used to create renewable energy to power the entire world.  Trying to gain a military stranglehold on what's left of our petroleum and ignoring the fact that it's gone in less than half a century is insane.  The cost of war is not only composed of our abstract idea of money, but the cost of LIFE (hundred of thousands and over time- millions.)

Memorialize your entire world today- rich and poor, left and right, all class, all creed, all shade.  There is room for all of us, enough sun for all of us, and enough fun for all of us.  Give and get.


Go to south America and ask the indigenous tribes
You'll find when you get there, that only a few have survived.
Ask them if they have gotten that promised paradise
Ask them is it too late to fall for those religious lies
Go to Australia and ask the aborigines
How it feel for people to come and take their land 
and do as they pleze.
While you're on the subject of invading nations
and putting folks on reservations
ask the native Americans, who's truly the Indians?
or go to Gaza strip and ask the Palestinians.
Go to Europe to Belarus, where their populace is socialist
and ask them about that myth of a future that don't exist
Go to the Darfur region of Sudan
and ask the one point two million refugees
dying of starvation in the sand
Go across the globe, or go next door
Ask any body should there be war
War no more  No more war
War no more  No more war

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