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In Memoriam: The King of Pop [Top 10 Michael Jackson Music Videos]

Inks on Bristol / 2011
On today's date two years ago, Michael Jackson moonwalked right out of the stratosphere and into the great Neverland beyond.  As duty holds, Joebot is taking care of the juicy details of MJ's rise to stardom, fall from grace and eventual demise over at Rock Star Martyr today, where my portrait will be featured.

My idea for this work was to show the transformation of the King of Pop from circa 1982 to circa 1999.  When I decided to incorporate Bubbles, his monkey- I knew he had to progress as well.  For my series of portraits for Rock Star Martyr, the element contributing to the star's death is included in each work.  Bubbles is holding a healthy dose of a variety of pharmaceuticals, which Jackson accidentally overdosed on at the age of 50.

As an added treat today, I put together a time lapse video of the coloring process of my portrait...

Aurora's Top 10 Epic Michael Jackson Videos

Working on this tribute the past few days has brought about a surge of wooooos, a wonderful plethora of sexual gyrations, hyperventilated dancing and singing from my wife in celebration of The King of Pop.  Looking up different songs led to some discussion about MJ's videos and what made so many of them iconic.  Here are Aurora's Top 10 and why she picked each...

[Honorable Mention] SPEED DEMON (from Moonwalker)
Michael is so Epic he can only battle an animated version of himself in a dance-off!

Half-naked Naomi, Epic Gyrating, and Hushed sexy whispers

[9] BAD
Knife Fight and Epic Leather

Epic Light-Up Sidewalk 

Zombie Dancing, Epic Monster Makeup

Flapper Dancing, Epic Impromptu Breakdown

Collage Art, Epic Elephant Man Dance

A Million Cameos, Epic Egyptian Style

Like nothing he's ever done, it gave me an epic cry the first time I watched it.... Michaelocalypse

[2] SCREAM (featuring Janet Jackson)
Michael's Final Frontier with Epic Screaming, Epic Space Dancing and Nasty Janet

This is a very self-identifying song being a mixed kid.  Epic Face Morphing and Car Smashing


  1. What is your favorite music video and why?

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    My favorite video is the one that explains all about illuminati, freemason and satanic symbolism just like the one on your wallpaper background of this site - the inverted and broken cross with a circle around it. But there are now thousands of videos and documents out there which are even better that reveal A-L-L the secrets of the masons/illuminati and their hidden satanic evil agenda. They are open now for all to see. The One True Light is now shining bright to expose the great deceivers. Very soon they will all be hunted down and exterminated for good and by the weight of their own hand and sword shall they fall.

    Ancient writings from the far East that have been guarded for centuries say that Muslims, Christians, Jews and the others who are pure of heart and soul will unite together as one under the banner of a black and white striped tiger which begins in the year of the tiger. While respecting the differences of each, but recognizing their true commonality, they will live in peaceful harmony together and embrace as true brothers at last, protecting each other from all harm, deceit and evil. Truth, clarity and love will rein over the lands.

    There is only One True God and history shows that every civilization, hidden or open, that has ignored or denied this have since vanished. And we see that yet another is about to once again by the One True God's intervention.

    This is also why those who are pure of heart, spirit and soul, and have honored the One True God and His Commandments - no matter their minor different beliefs in doing so - have remained constant throughout time. The time of their gathering and unity has begun and God is with them.

  3. FlashBangBobJuly 02, 2011

    Great collection of MJ video's, really enjoyed them thanks!

  4. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    Love Mike's videos. Can do without the rest of your so called tribute. You don't understand Michael Jackson AT ALL.

  5. Loving Anonymous- I'm all ears if you would like to explain The King of Pop.

  6. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    sorry but michael did not died of an over dose of mixed drugs. the autopsy said it clear: propofol - injection by another.

    1. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

      That's right!!!! I don't know where people get these ideas. Keep um straight!!

  7. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    that's why his that's why on september 8 the trial for his homicide will start. He did not overdose propofol himself, it was someone else (his doctor Conrad Murray).Apart from that, nice tribute.

  8. You're wonderfully talented and clearly appreciate MJ. But it's a shame that you chose to incorporate "pharmaceuticals" into your impressive painting. The commentary you are making is irresponsible and, ironically (if you receive press for this), plays into the ignorant, destructive, misinformation that Mr. Jackson was a "drig addict" when, in fact, he was not. The cause of his death was not "pharmaceuticals". It was a poisoning, if you will, caused by a chemical mix of sleep aids millions of "non-drug addict" people take to sleep -- including those suffering from insomnia, a clinical diagnosis which Mr. Jackson suffered from and millions of us do. He did all his life. Yet, he didn't get "addicted to painkillers" like the marginal media talking heads -- the Nancy Graces, Diane Dimonds, Deepak Chopras, etc -- parrot for us. HE DIED WHEN HIS DOCTOR ADMINISTERED A METHOD OF MEDICATING SUITABLE ONLY FOR HOSPITALS, AND IRRESPONSIBLY MIXED PRESCRIBED-BUT-APPROPRIATE SLEEP ASSISTING "PHARMACEUTICALS"!!! Yet, here you are dedicating your talent and otherwise-respect for Mr. Jackson in a way that perpetuates this ignorant myth. It seems that you, like most of us during his life, bought into this myth unwittingly. Of course, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt: The alternative is that you are knowingly perpetuating this hurtful Final Marginalization of Michael Jackson which the mainstream media wants to entomb him in (along with the false rumors of him harming children), just to $ell your work. I would hope that is not what you are doing. Only you know. And maybe, after giving it some reasonable consideration and realizing the irresponsible direction you have taken, you might even pull this piece or dedicate your considerable talent and future art inspired by Mr. Jackson in a TRUTHFUL LIGHT that highlights his innumerable contributions to "healing our world". Think about that sentiment you had when you (finally) saw the Earth Song short film you mention above: That's the true Michael Jackson, the man who essentially wrote We Are The World in 1984-85, which is the period you are incorporating into your painting: That, Ms. Hardin, is the true Mr. Jackson. May you find it in your heart and art to portray him in creatively yet responsibly in the future.

  9. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    Wow, Aurora looks a lot like Pearl Jr.!!!

  10. What a shame that you have misrepresented a cultural genius and icon. Jackson's death was ruled a homicide at the hands of another. His doctor adminstered a medication reserved for surgical suites and hospitals in the man's bedroom without EMERGENCY equipment.

    You do Jackson a great disservice with your art. You perpetuate a myth sold you by tabloids and sensatonal magazines and reporters. What a shame. Your talent could be used in so much more worthy pursuits.

  11. The drugs are in the monkey's hands, not Michael's. The main purpose of the work was to show the before and after of Michael's image. I appreciate your input though.

  12. Wow, so sensitive. The guy obviously had drug problems. At least there were no little boys in it. Lol

    1. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

      lol???? seriously??? you think it's funny??? ever been accused of a crime you didn't commit? ever had an artist portray you with a handfull of pills regardless of the FACT that is not what happened? sorry, but toxicology doesn't lie.

  13. Unfortunately, I could not recommend this piece work to anyone. You have obviously been brainwashed by the media. It is a shame you did not incorporate any of Michael's humanitarian work, the extraordinary entertainer and champion of causes for those less fortunate. I find the painting offensive.

  14. Also you comment "At least there were no little boys in it" is also offensive. It goes to show your ignorance of fact.

  15. I really guess YOU didn't look up YOUR facts before telling YOUR story and painting that picture of someone YOU clearly didn't know or bother to find out about. Michael Jackson did not die of an overdose of pills, he died of an overdose of propofol, given to him by a greedy cardiologists. YOU owe him, his family and fans an apology for YOUR error in judgement and YOUR artistic vision.

  16. What a distasteful "tribute" to Michael. You are clueless to who this great man and artist was to the world. It really shows you have no artistic vision but just threw something together. Really, the drugs in the monkey's hands? Cheap shot. Why use drugs at all? He was murdered by a man who goes by the title "healer". That is why we are having a murder trial, he did not overdose. He was killed by his doctor. Please be responsible and write the facts.

  17. If there's one thing I'll never do, it's apologize for my artist interpretation of something.

  18. Another wrong depiction of Michael Jackson, he did not die of an overdose of "PILLS" and he did not overdose himself either. It was homicide, at the hands of another, acute propofol intoxication.

  19. Fools - all of you! The pills represent drug use/ abuse.

  20. This whole website, the terrible misleading words and the Awful so called art! Ugh... This is NOT a tribute, it's more like a humiliation to Michael Jackson!

  21. Ugh Anonymous,

    What in the world is misleading? I would never mean to humiliate anyone in my work... all of my imagery exists with purpose but not intentionally a humiliating one. Your interpretation is what makes it so-called art.

  22. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    you are NOT a Michael Jackson fan. I have never seen a more desperate disguise. What's your REAL agenda.

  23. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    Your art is in poor taste not to mention your motives.
    Michael Jackson was a gifted artist while you enjoy causing humiliation to another soul. I feel sorry for you. Your art sucks.

    1. Nobody is trying to humiliate anybody here... that would be the last intention of my work. These illustrations for Rock Star Martyr are satirical and are meant to address excess and abuse while celebrating the artists depicted.


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