Thursday, July 14, 2011

Countdown to Southern Pop Surrealism: Settling Into The Big Easy

We got to NOLA this morning about 6AM after a several coffees and lots of singing Janis Joplin to stay awake.  After just the first few moments in this colorful city you realize how richly unique this city truly is.  I'm only anxious to get back out to see more as I update you now...
I was zapped after 8 hours of work and 8 hours on the road so our buddy Nick drove us around the city to see the different parts of town and get an idea of where and what we wanted to get into the next few days.  Aurora got some nice shots from the back seat as we drove around soaking up the cool morning before we got a nap in.

Trolley on St Charles, right in front of our Hotel in the Garden District

Catfish, Eggs and Grits at Lil' Dizzy's in the Treme for Breakfast

Some of the local Street Art- we'll find plenty more of this while we're here!

I got my nap in and am checked in and ready to take in what I can with what's left of this first evening in The Big Easy.  We'll be installing our group exhibit, Southern Pop Surrealism tomorrow morning at Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center!

Click HERE for the Southern Pop Surrealism STREAM

After all the artists got in, we spent the evening getting locally brewed beers all about St Charles and walked over to get a peek at Zeitgeist and the neighborhood.   Lucky's provided a swank patio we took over for a couple of hours.

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