Monday, July 18, 2011

Illustration Friday: We the People

We're doing an Illustration Monday today here at DREGstudios! since I just got back from New Orleans last night from my Southern Pop Surrealism Exhibit!  I'm getting caught up on things, so here we go...

The theme this week at IF is "Gesture."  Instantaneously, this work came to mind from my Sacred Texts series from a few years back which feature imagery drawn on pages from The Holy Bible.  (Click HERE for my artist's statement on this body of work.)
"We the People" inks on pages from The Holy Bible / 2007
The idea behind this piece originally came from a painting I did in 2006 for an exhibit I curated, called We the People at The Icehouse Cafe in Clarksville.  This group exhibit featured a slew of local artists and we held a voter registration drive at which Chris Lugo, a Green Party candidate spoke to the audience.  The painting consisted of three panels as above, but the panels themselves were also chained together.

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