Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Inception of Monster Johnson at Backyard Painting

Today was full of neon psychedelia stroking our third eye into a new week and round of work for upcoming exhibits.  I spent the afternoon at Charles Bennett's house painting with Jeff Bertrand and this week, Nathan Parker.  With our combined knowledge of drugs, Disneyland, biology, bug species and 80's movies made the day flew by with constant ideas and inspiration.  What you'll see with these pics from the afternoon are previews of three new exhibits... Nathan Parker's upcoming War of the Worlds Exhibit at The Roxy here in Clarksville (to coincide with their production of this classic,) Our four-man collaboration for Untitled Nashville's GLOW Show (blacklight and self-lit works,) and some new paintings by yours truly for my upcoming exhibit with Charles at Clarksville's Downtown Artists' Co-Op.  We're filling in and filling up the space just a couple of weeks from now to help out with a last minute vacancy- it's what we're now calling BUY the NUMBERS.
I got started quick today busting out an elephant and octopus on some of our recycled metal numbers for BUY the NUMBERS next month here in town.
Charles and Jeff got started with a background of fluorescent spray paints and working up their characters for our GLOW show entry next month!
Nathan sketching up some robots for War of the Worlds at The Roxy
Gopping away with the black light sensitive paints

Charlie's Pet CHUD
Cloud 9 - Another new Acrylic / Spray Paint mixed media piece I did today
Just one of the many stupid things I've done for art- it only took 20 minutes of scrubbing for my fingers not to stick together

Reap the Reward baby- Zombie High Five!

Nathan hopped in with a kick ass robot on the GLOW Show work!

Touching things up...

Here's your black-light preview- gotta go to the show next month to see it all LIVE!

Cock with a prince albert AND a Kraten 'stache AND googly eyes!!

Check out THIS collaborative Black Light work at  
 Avenue 9
312 9th Ave S / Nashville TN
ONE NIGHT ONLY - Friday, October 7th, 2011

See my featured works from today on recycled number signs at
BY the NUMBERS: New works by Charles Bennett and Brandt Hardin
96 Franklin St / Clarksville, TN

Nathan Parker's Robots at
The Roxy Regional Theatre
will premier during November's Downtown Art Walk!
100 Franklin St / Clarksville, TN

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