Monday, October 31, 2011

-00- COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Divas of the Zombie Walk of Fame


Constant Viewer, I hope you had a freaked out ghoulishly good time this Halloween weekend and I see we kept you entertained enough with the holiday countdown to bring you back for dessert.  Here's your last stops on the Zombie Walk of Fame with a few of the Divas of my zombifications...

Zombie Meryl Streep (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
Meryl Streep has more Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations than any other actor in history.  As a matter of fact, this Hollywood starlet has been nominated for about every award under the sun including Cannes, Emmy, SAGA, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, New York Critics... you name them- they all eat Meryl right up.

My personal favorite role of hers however is in Death Becomes Her, where she plays- well, a zombie.  Enjoy this creepy clip from the film along with some process photos I took of my work this week...

Meryl Streep Zombie Process Pictures
Zombie Susan Sarandon (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
Our next queen of Hollywood cinema is one of my own personal favorite actresses, Susan Sarandon.  I admire this gal for her outstanding and vocal activism.  A hippie at heart, she has lent her voice to countless causes including the Occupy Wall Street movement currently erupting across the globe.  As another Academy Award winner, she's no stranger to fame and fortune and all that goes with being a gem of the industry.  Susan got her big break in a movie being played the world over this evening- The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The role of Janet Weiss, the Heroine, gave Susan her chance to show the world just how well she could sing, dance, act and flaunt her fiery stuff. 

Check out this fan edit of the actress' big number...

Susan Sarandon Zombie Process Pictures
Zombie Winona Ryder (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
Last stop as we round the corner to The Zombie Apocalypse is Winona Ryder.  Getting her start as a teenager in the late 80's with cult films such as Edward Scissorhands and Heathers, it didn't take long for Winona to get a Golden Globe Award as well as a nomination at The Academy Awards.  The most interesting things about Winona are from her parents' social counter-culture social circles.  The actress's godfather was LSD guru Timothy Leary and her middle name is borrowed from author Aldous Huxley's wife Laura. This wild gal grew up around the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Philip K Dick.  Here's a scene from one of my favorite anarchic blow-up-your-school films...

Winona Ryder Zombie Process Pictures
I hope you've enjoyed the bruised and beautiful gore I've provided the past 11 days as we've counted down to Halloween 2011.  If you missed out on any of the zombifications, you can Click HERE for the entire stream including last year's countdown where I featured sketches from the Zombie Walk of Fame as I started the preliminary work for what will be 101 celebrity zombies in all!

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