Sunday, October 30, 2011

-01- COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Samuel L Jackson on the Zombie Walk of Fame

Zombie Samuel L Jackson (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
Ohhhhh it's Devil's Night baby!  What a strange and fantastic Sunday!  I'll be removing my exhibit, BUY the NUMBERS with Charles Bennett from The DAC this evening and then getting my Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire on with the Wolfman later.  Aurora is making pumpkin fudge and we're only one day away from Halloween.  If the Mayans are correct, it's our last one so enjoy the horror and goulishness of it all!

Here at DREGstudios! we've been counting down for the past 9 days with new illustrations I've been coloring for my Zombie Walk of Fame series.  Today's mega-star was just named the highest grossing actor of ALL TIME by Guiness World Records.  Samuel L Jackson comes with some intensity and I'd hate to feel the wrath of his zombie self if I ran into him post-apocalypse.  Check right back tomorrow for our special Halloween treat of Zombie Divas from The Zombie Walk of Fame!

Process Picture of Zombie Samuel L Jackson

Process Picture of Zombie Samuel L Jackson

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