Saturday, October 29, 2011

-02- COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Chris Farley on the Zombie Walk of Fame

Farley Zombie (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
I'll have what he's having...

Farley Zombie is one of the high points of this series as far as the expressions on my subjects' faces.  Every time I looked at the linework for this while it sat idle for the past year, I got tickled and giggled like a little girl.  Farley man, a true gem of my generation.  I remember classmates imitating line after line of the big guy's SNL acts and later, some of his movies.  He's lumbering along and getting gourged tonight on The Zombie Walk of Fame!

If you're just tuning in or tuning out, I've been counting down to Halloween here at DREGstudios! with zombifications of cult Hollywood personas who have stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I counted down last year to Halloween as I sketched and outlined all 101 zombies.  To avoid the desire for human flesh and getting zombied out myself, I set the series aside to resume when the season struck once again.  Click HERE to see a stream of the ENTIRE Countdown so far and the portraits I've just finished the past week or so to start the laborious process of coloring all 101 zombies!

Chris Farley Zombie Sketch - 2010

We'll keep frolicking down the Zombie Walk of Fame Sunday and Monday so take a peek back if you like the glam and gore of it all!

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