Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey hipsters, if you're out and about this Thursday evening during Clarksville's Downtown Art Walk, you can check out my new series of recycled works with Charles Bennett.  It's a long story and history behind this exhibit coming to fruition from the materials used to the venue itself.  To make a long story short, our good friend Richard Hogan roped us in to do a last minute fill-in spot at The Downtown Artists' Co-Op in Clarksville this month.  For the most part, The DAC is a very high-brow establishment so we're gonna turn some heads at the opening Thursday!  Since we had about six weeks to get an exhibit together, we decided to up the ante with ourselves and make an almost entirely new body of work for the show involving repurposed materials with numbers on them.  I showed you several days ago a preview of some of the works we were doing at the time [Click HERE for the Preview!]  This blossomed into a collection of over 60 mixed media works to view at BUY the NUMBERS!

New Paintings by Charles Bennett and Brandt Hardin
opens Thursday, October 6th, 2011 during Clarksville's Downtown Art Walk

96 Franklin Street / Clarksville, TN

Here's some pics from our installation of the exhibit last night!  Thanks to Richard & Mary Jo Hogan, Alexis from APSU interning at the Gallery, and Aimee Davidson for helping us get this thing up with absurd hilarity in record time!

We got a funny way of thanking Richard for getting us a gig at such a fancy venue!  He asked, "Are you guys EVER serious?" 
Richard with Alexis
Aimee and Charles hamming it up


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