Thursday, November 24, 2011

Killer Queen: A Portrait of Freddie Mercury

Queen was a band which found segways into my life at an early age through both main stream means and later self-discovery. I've seemed to find a deeper appreciation for their music and Freddie Mercury's arrangements and lyrics over the years.  What was a handful of fun songs as a teenager has turned into a journey and wide range of songs with each holding special memories for me.... some with friends, some with school and more recently- some with my wife. Here's a brand new portrait I just finished up this evening of Freddie with imagery from several of the group's songs...
Freddie Mercury / inks on bristol / 2011

I like something a bit different... actually, a like EVERYthing a bit different.... this goes in all walks of life including art, film, literature and especially music.  Freddie was one of a kind and I drew up a unique portrait of him for Rock Star Martyr this week.  I summoned the most flamboyant edges of the Universal Creative Spirit for this one!
Joebot will have an article up weaving the tale of Freddie's rise to stardom and tragic fall from grace at the hand of AIDS today that you can check out over on his site by Clicking HERE. I've teamed up with Joe this year for a tour-de-force through the Cult of the Dead Star as we cover the deaths of the dearly departed Gods of Rock 'n' Roll on the anniversaries of their passing.  Freddie died on today's date 20 years ago in 1991. 

Here are some process pictures from the past couple of nights I spent with Freddie...
Here was My Initial Sketch


  1. Thanks for the positive feedback Armand! It was an awesome experience creating him!

  2. Thank you for sharing with other fans who are equally devoted. Thank you for the videos and for caring and for the great artwork! Blessings to you always!
    An old fan

  3. I really appreciate hearing that... thanks for caring!


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