Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a Zombie Christmas with Clark Griswold and DREGstudios!

First and foremost, I hope you- Yes YOU Constant Viewer have a Wonderful Holiday which blesses your family and brings them together.  Keeping with tradition, I'm out to be a jolly bastard and with the gift of art get out a slew of limited edition postcards out to you again this year!  Every year now I'll be sending out a new postcard designed by yours truly to everyone who's helped support me here in my one man factory in my head I call DREGstudios!  The first few hundred will be in the hands of the good folks at the USPS this morning!
This year's DREGstudios! Christmas Card featuring Zombie Chevy Chase from the Zombie Walk of Fame Series!

When working on my Zombie Walk of Fame series last year, I embodied Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold.   The depiction was a rare move in the series as I had not drawn many other actors from the series in specific roles, but rather simply zombified their portrait.  I knew right away he'd be on my Christmas cards this year!

Here's the Illustration from when I finished up coloring Chevy a couple of weeks ago.

I'm currently in the phase of coloring all 101 Zombie portraits for this series of various stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  I'll be shopping around the Zombie Walk of Fame series to galleries next year for display as well as looking to public a comic-style book of the works in the future.  I'll also be showing your fresh eyes some of the progress as I go!

The First QR Code on the back of the Christmas Cards can be scanned to get you a stream of some process pictures from my Zombie Walk of Fame series including the past two years' Countdowns to Halloween where I introduce several of my Zombifications and the goods on the actors depicted.
The Second will get you a time lapse video me coloring Zombie Chevy Chase!


  1. Thanks for the card, It's Great! Merry Christmas man, also I enjoyed your time lapse occupy painting....Jesse

  2. Good to hear from my favorite Patriotic Artist! The American Printmaker is in the house...


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