Sunday, January 29, 2012


Photo by Joe Melanson
Joe Melanson harnessed every molecular bit of his superhero art powers this month to build up, hype and create the explosion which was a ONE NIGHT ONLY event last night at No Egrets Tattoo here in Clarksville.  A steady stream of folk perused the plethora of heroic and villainous scenes created by a dozen or so regional artists and experienced my interactive installation courtesy of four Superhero Theme Music Tracks composed my buddy Dustin TEADS Wright!  I'll be high off the buzz of this show for weeks... what a night!

For the past month, I've been living and breathing comic lore by creating new illustrations as well as four new paintings to go along with the tracks TEADS concocted by fusing clips from the heroes' movies and shows with his own dubstep and metal versions of the TV theme songs for Batman, Spiderman, and The Incredible Hulk while borrowing from Black Sabbath for Iron Man.  The final result was an interactive experience which gave the viewers another dimension in this surreal experience!

All the previews were finally over and the end product was here as last night it all went down.  My Hero | My Villain was a thrilling experience for me to see so many eyes and ears on my new work and collaboration with TEADS.  Thanks to everyone who bared the cold to be our audience!  My Super-Art Wife Aurora took most of these wonderful pics capturing the night...

Mark Griffin and Charles Bennett doing a sound check for me during the installation process Saturday afternoon before the exhibit
Here's Mark working on his own installation while I was unpacking and getting things started.  (Photo by Joe Melanson)
Charles Wolfman Bennett's new paintings were Heroes and Villains in Saint Form.  The Batman and Robin / Madonna and Child was a big hit, as was Jesus Christ Superman!
Chad Spann wants to date you...
Chad's new photos of his supermodel, Shark Bite!
Maria Drawdy with her jewelry and stencil work! (Photo by Joe Melanson)
Photo by Joe Melanson
Anjeanette Illustration's Artwork for the show!
Anjeanette also had a photo shoot with different props including several masks!
Halogen Nosedive Deck painted by Paul Fly- a portrait of his fiance Ash Burress!
The Halogen Nosedive Display
Paintings by Cameron McKnight
Mr. Freeze painted on a door- this thing was HUGE!  The crystal door knob is such a sweet touch to this epic work by Ricky Cavaness!
Photo by Joe Melanson
Amber listening in to one of the superhero tracks composed by TEADS!
Speak of the Devil... the man behind the music himself- Dustin TEADS Wright!
My buddy Alex
Local artists McKelvey and Wolfman
Another good friend of mine- Forkus Maximus
Cameron McKnight and Charles Bennett working on a LIVE Painting!

Jessica ended up getting her first tattoo at the show!
Aurora taking a picture of Joe taking a picture of my display
Sarah Norton and dynamically creative power couple, artist Beverly and musician Ben Ross
Heather Bowker's Super POW! Cake she made for the exhibit!
Curator and cake cutting/tasting expert Joe Melanson
Before the magazine covers, music videos and tours, Lex (lead singer for Straight Line Stitch) started out thrashing crowds in Clarksville with FSN (TEADS who did my Superhero Theme Music for the show served as guitarist.)
Jacobi Christ
More good friends, musician JJ Hankins and his wife Mariana 
Artist Miranda Herrick, Stacy Leiser and co.
Nate Dog getting up close and personal
Nikki Gebers & Joe Flowers
Amateur Supervillain Wolfie strikes (photo by Joe Melanson)

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