Monday, February 13, 2012

Nooga Love

Since Valentine's Day is this week, Aurora and I decided to take an impromptu overnight trip across-state to beautiful Chattanooga to celebrate ours while we could both get the time together over the weekend.  It was the first chance either of us got to spend any time in the city, having only driven through in the past.  We were pleasantly surprised at all the art and cultural activities available.  I see a few return visits in the future having not even scratched everything from our beginner's to-do list and we know so many other folks in love with this scenic place which is so close to home.

I took a vacation day from work Saturday and we drove to the mountains in the morning to get the day started by just frolicking and walking around to see both sides of the river.  The wind burned but the snow flurries were a romantic touch to our site-seeing.

Here's some pictures from our getaway weekend...

Chattanooga has some very creative public art!

Mural of Inventors by artist Kevin Bate

The Walnut Street Bridge connects Downtown Chattanooga to North Shore and is one of the longest pedestrian bridges on the Planet!

View from the Walnut Street Bridge
On the Northshore side of the bridge, we had parked at Art Creations, a local art store which blew me away with a really neat selection of supplies so I snagged a couple of black canvasses and a white sharpie... I see a time lapse painting on the horizon!  
I also got a new pad and some new colored Micron liners!
Here's some doodlage I laid down to test out my new liners!
After getting burnt by the winter mountain wind, we checked into our romantic Jacuzzi Suite at the Sky Harbor Bavarian Inn, a mom and pop run joint hanging right off the side of Lookout Mountain.  Patsy, the innkeeper is a really sweet gal and even had some chocolates and champagne laid out for us in the room! 

Here's the view from our window to the balcony
I took some pictures of the view from our balcony when we arrived Saturday afternoon, then some trippy time-lapse pics at night and also caught the sunrise in the morning!
This was actually taken late at night, just doing an overexposure

Saturday evening, we felt obligated to give Ruby Falls a whirl since our room was literally right next to the site.  Aurora took countless pictures of the caves and waterfall.  I tried to pick out just some of my favorites to share with you here.  Natural rock formations are some of the most fascinating work of the ultimate artist, Mother Nature...

Some of this stuff looked like scenery from a sci-fi movie... this was the only one you could touch... gross right?

Some of this stuff is absolutely surreal!

Check back tomorrow for a special Valentine's Day Art of Hearts post as well as details on how to WIN some art during V-Day with a Kissing Contest!!!!

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