Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superhero Theme Music from My Hero / My Villain

Earlier in the week, I posted some awesome pics my wife Aurora took from My Hero / My Villain which was a one-night only art event at No Egrets Tattoo hosted by Joe Melanson this past weekend.  For the show, I created four original superhero paintings, for which my buddy Dustin TEADS Wright composed some superhero-themed music tracks. This collaboration  created an interactive experience for the audience Saturday night.  Each painting was equipped with a set of headphones with the track loaded on them for the viewers to listen to while they looked at my artwork!  (Click HERE for a closer look at my custom headphones used in the display!)
Artists Mark Griffin and Charles Bennett trying out the headphones during our show setup

Click the links below for each of the songs which went with their respective paintings!  We're also working on some superhero music videos of sorts which will be coming soon for those of you who missed out on the LIVE interactive experience!  Keep an ear out for TEADS' new band, Climbing Giants, who are working on material for their new concept album and show!

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