Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaains: Spinning Round an Early Spring

Whoopi Goldberg Zombie
Sorry Constant Viewer if I've been a bit quiet these past couple of weeks.  I've been harnessing the powers of Mother Creativity for several different projects which this year has lined up for me and kids- I've got my work cut out for me!  I've been pounding color to my Zombie Walk of Fame series the past 10 days or so.  I've colored 32 total now out of all 101 celebrity zombie portraits I sketched and outlined over a three month period a year and a half ago.  Being a third of the way there now, I'm seeing the pinhole of light in the enveloping blackness at the end of this particular artistic tunnel.

2012 is running at a break-neck pace!  As I work on these illustrations, I've been finally planning an online magazine (something I've threatened for years) under the name of Southern Tongue which is in the embryonic stage in my mind but the domain is mine as of this past weekend.  This year, I'll also be revisiting my Rock Star Martyr series with Joebot, who is still writing his fevered verse for this epic body of work we hope to see in book form sometime in the next couple of years.  We've narrowed down around 20 or more dead stars yet to cover which we missed in 2011 including keeping up with the times via Amy and Whitney.  Spring Fever is hitting TN early and I'm itching to be out in the sun painting at every given opportunity this year!  You can catch me painting LIVE later this month- just check the calendar here on the site for details!  I'm also implementing a marketing program into my day job while all this is going on so I'm a bit spun this month but I'll stop boring you with my shenanigans... here's some new process pictures fresh off the Zombie Walk of Fame!

Tom Selleck Zombie!

Steve McQueen, Dennis Hopper, and Tom Hanks Zombies

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