Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zombie Winnie the Pooh

Coloring 101 zombie portraits for my Zombie Walk of Fame series is a daunting task and I've taken to social media these past few weeks to let the voice of the people be heard as they vote for which zombie incarnation I color next!  Yesterday, I posted a few more choices on the DREGstudios! Page on facebook for fans to choose from.  The people spoke and have ushered in the coming of what could possibly end up the fan-favorite of the entire series... Zombie Winnie the Pooh!  This guy was a ton of fun and I'm glad you get to enjoy him with me!  Here are process pictures of the initial sketch, line work, and colors I just completed...

Zombie Winnie the Pooh

Facebook patrons got to choose from Zombie Donald Duck, Zombie Christopher Reeve, Zombie Woody Woodpecker, and Zombie Winnie (who won by a landslide!)

I decided at the last minute to film this one... sure glad I did now!


  1. Ok well that's just awesome -- well done sir!

  2. Hi,

    Please check out this short film. It is called Winnie the Pooh and Zombies Too.



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