Monday, May 21, 2012

Michael Franti and Spearhead at Fontanel / High-Five to My Third Eye

Michael Franti singing feet away from us!
Art should be interactive and pull an emotional response from its audience.  I had the delight of seeing one of my favorite musicians, Michael Franti with Spearhead over the weekend, who drew love from my heart and swirling visions from my third eye.  This is the type of guy who makes certain his music is an up close and personal event for everyone involved.  Spearhead opened up for Steve Winwood at The Woods at Fontanel in Nashville to raise money in a benefit for  Radnor Lake. During two different songs, he ran through the audience and back into the lawn area dancing with children, pulling people from their seats and hugging them into a state of joyful dancing.  It's impossible not to smile at such a site and feel the authenticity in the message of Michael's music.  My wife and I stood at the railing separating the reserved seating from the thoroughfare leading back to the lawn area.  Michael ran back and forth and even jumped up on by the railing, playing guitar and interacting with the audience.  It was a true thrill being a long-time fan of his music for around ten years now.

Here are a few wonderful pictures which my talented personal photographer and wife Aurora managed to get despite trying to keep up with a man running as fast and with as much grace as a cheetah through his audience to show them he's here down on Earth with the rest of us.

Click HERE for a special post on a design I made inspired from one of Michael Franti's lyrics, Power to the Peaceful and how it ended up on my friend and author Gikuyu's chest!


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