Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cold War Crack Pipe

Acrylics on Canvas by Charles Bennett
When I hooked up with Charles "Wolfman" Bennett Sunday afternoon, we hadn't painted outdoors in a few weeks but had both coincidentally been cramming our brains with 80's cinema.  Our job as translators of the divinity within all that is pop culture beckoned us to unleashed our creative energies on a blast from the past! We based the day of painting around the vintage beauty of all things Cold War Era... with a twist of surrealism.

Here are some pics from the canvas we painted Sunday.  I also took some footage for another of our crowd-pleasing pantie-dropping time lapse videos!  Of course, I have to slave out my laptop to the process over night so you'll have to check back for a dose of Southern Pop Surrealism LIVE!

Charles found a canvas he apparently sponged some purple on nearly a decade ago...

We had to dirty it up some and create our little nebula of splatters!

Huge King Zombie Crack Rocks!

Here's a detail shot of my side of the painting.  I started with painting the Psychedelic Sneaker before busting out some Zombie Joose...

Finished Product 

Check back later in the week for a NEW time lapse video of this painting.  You'll see what we do in over three hours in about three minutes... with some cool tunes I'm certain!

For now, you can see plenty of other Time Lapsed Pop Surrealism on my VIDEOS Page!

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