Monday, June 11, 2012

NEW 2012 Edition PRINTS are IN!!!

Today, I'm releasing 7 new open edition prints through the DREGstudios WEBstore!  I haven't released any new prints in over a year, so the store was overdue for some stocking.  I wanted to post some previews of the prints from when I got them shipped in last week and began bagging them for distribution.  You can see the quality of these puppies from the pictures.  Of course, just like all my open edition prints, they are a bank-breaking $10 each INCLUDING Shipping... yeh, I'm derranged (and just want my sickness hanging on your wall!)

Here are some more pictures of these BRAND NEW Reproductions...

The Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man and Beavis & Butthead prints are all reproductions of original works of art created for the MY HERO / MY VILLAIN exhibit earlier this year.  Click HERE for pictures from my interactive exhibit including new original Superhero Theme Songs!

Click HERE for the HULK SMASH music video featuring an original Hulk Dubstep Theme by TEADS!

Click HERE for some process pictures of my "Iron Man on the Rocks" painting!

Party Zombie!!!

Click HERE for my post on Cyborg Steve Jobs vs Cyborg Bill Gates!

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