Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Submitted for your Approval: GasBuddah

Inks on Paper / 2006 (BLAST from the PAST)
My buddy Gary's frontal lobe sprung to life on him one day.  I'm not for certain how long ago that was since I just met him the past couple of years through mutual family.  I only know he's energized by his self-invoked cognitive liberties and has a voice to share... one that's certainly embraced change.  He's tuned in and he's bound to change the channel of the minds of many others' to his station.  Gary has taken a step recently to bare part of himself to the world in the form of a blog featuring his writings at GasBuddah!  One of his first creations he's unleashed is an insightful take on the creative process.  Give him your ear for a moment and your brain my skip a beat too... and catch a different frequency:

A small electrical charge dances across the receptors of a human brain. Another idea has been conceived. This simple electrochemical process occurs millions of times a second across the whole of the human species. Sometimes I feel as though it happens millions of times a day within my own mind. Millions upon millions of ideas. We all get them. Unfortunately, not all of us know what to do with them. Some know exactly what to do with an idea, yet they never seem to carry thru with it. Very few are the rare breed of human that knows what to do with an idea and actually possess the ability to turn thought into reality. Fewer still have the bravery needed to share their work with the public; these are the artists...

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