Friday, June 29, 2012

TEADS' Dinosaurs

My boy TEADS posted some pictures today of artworks which he has collected from me over the years.  I thought these relics were worth sharing coming from my pre-blogging / pre-social networking days!  Teads provided the hot spot at his downtown place for quite a few art exhibit after-parties several years ago.  I probably gave him a few of these when I was completely trashed and telling him how much I loved him.  Ah, sweet double-metal monkey bromance...  

Watercolor on Paper (Year Unknown)

Acrylics on Found Burnt Wood Panel (2006)

Color Pencil and Pen on Bristol (2004)

Color Pencil and Pen on Bristol (2004)

Very early Markers on Paper (2005)

And here are two final works from my very first Topsy-Turvy exhibit in 2006!

Topsy-Turvy: Eight Ball (Inks on Paper / 2006)

Topsy-Turvy: Terra Cotta Third Eye (Inks on Paper / 2006)

Thanks for sharing these TEADS!

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