Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Over 18 months ago, I sketched out and laid the inks down on 100 zombie portraits of celebrities who have  stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This was the foundation for my Zombie Walk of Fame series.  Tonight I finished coloring the last of that batch of 100 drawings by zombifying one of the Disney's flagship icons, Donald Duck!

inks on bristol / 2010-2012
So why the celebration- am I done?  Not exactly... but I am at a stopping point before I reach the finish line.  I tore up two of my illustrations in realization of their wretchedness (George Carlin & Clark Gable.)  I have these re-do's along with the 101st zombie who I let fans vote on at the DREGstudios! Facebook Page last year.  They chose Lassie... so that will be the best for last and only real animal I will sicken up for the series!  Tonight I celebrate though as I finished that initial mountain of drawings I've been pecking away at for over a year and a half.  It's haunted me, wracked my nerves, and made me admire the shape of many stranger's head.

Here's to you constant viewer for sticking with me through the journey!

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