Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Sweltering Mid-South Inferno (The Pinko Liberal Threat Exposed)

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Folks here in Tennessee just aren't used to it being over 100 degrees in June and July.  We're adeptly programmed to humidity so thick, one must chew the air 10 times before swallowing but a dry heat wave has left us scratching our heads.  Drought? Yella Grass?  Conserve Water? Conserve Air Quality? No fireworks even though you can by them on every corner?  It's a pinko left-wing conspiracy to promote a socialist agenda of the absurd lies of Global Warming.  I'm certain in more than one Southern Baptist Pulpit this morning, President Obummer is lying at the center of this heat wave conspiracy but I say rejoice and disassociate your blame!  Fry some country bacon off the railing of your porch and keep you feet in the beer chest- it's summer kids! Happy Heat Wave from DREGstudios!

Heat Index Calculation by the DREGstudios Wagon


  1. Its HAARP! Obammy is tryin'to divert attention from his socialist takeover of the health care industry!

  2. We don't need med'sin... we need those Mexicorns out of thuh Younited States! Where's the white folks' raihts?


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