Friday, August 31, 2012


The "Dumbing Down of America" is never more prevalent than in the arena of Politics in the United States.  Sponsored mouthpieces stump for candidates with no platform, no plan and no passion for actually helping the American people.  There was a time (perhaps in my lifetime or yours) were partisanship existed in our three branches of Government.  Today, a savage and hateful battle ensues in the streets of Washington and Main Street USA with mud-slinging, attack ads, conspiracy theories, terrorizing rhetoric and distractions from any valid issue which could actually make a politician take a firm position representative of his constituents.  The two major political parties of our country are live entertainment 24-7 on the air through dozens of media outlets- dumbed-down to reality TV standards.  These grunting, monotoned shells of elected officials work to polarize issues and scare votes to one side or another of the great isle of Congress.  Nothing more than zombies, they stagger forward to their next meal steamed with hate, seared with fear and devoid of brains.  The choices are clear...

Illustration and Digital Mixed Media / 2012
"Democracy doesn't have to be a blood sport."  -President Bill Clinton

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