Thursday, September 27, 2012


Catch of the Day!
 This past weekend, I took to the outdoors with The Wolfman to sling some paint in the open air.  We ventured out to Cross Creeks, which is a National Wildlife Refuge here in TN.   Charles and I took to a trail with our painting supplies and set up shop to get some scenic video to finish this panel.  I say finish because I laid the background of this one out while we were on St. George Island in Florida last month using some palm leaves and local foliage as stencils.  Since I was a child, I've found a strange juxtaposition in the Stewart County end of Cross Creeks.  One finds themselves surrounded by a clean dose of mother nature- only with the TVA smokestacks in the distance from Cumberland City.  In many ways these stacks are a landmark for those local to the very rural area I grew up in.  I supposed they played a role with the end product of our subject matter including a three-eyed fish and a three-headed fisherman!

The entire process is recorded, cut and time lapsed here in this NEW Speed Painting Video!!!

This is what pollution does... seriously.


"Catch of the Day" Spray Paint and Acrylic on Wood

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