Monday, November 19, 2012

Fear and Loathing on HIGHWAY 13

Sunday morning, Chad Spann and I set out to begin a collaborative journey which will be entitled HIGHWAY 13.  I have a long and sordid history with a patch of this highway running through my old stomping grounds.  There's been an idea for a visual project utilizing the length of this Tennessee trail in my head for a while now.  Chad lent his photography skills to capture our journey which stretched from the Kentucky border here in Clarksville to the Alabama state line.  The day turned macabre and surreal by the moment as the story for our project shaped while shooting the backgrounds I'll be working with.  Chad's photographs will be used to create a graphic novel by drawing a yet-unnamed character into the visual trek we've documented.  In essence, it will become the character's own strange trip mirroring our own.  Ten hours of driving turned into more than we could bargain for with a deerpocalypse, a wild boar carcass, burning fields, burnt houses, decapitated barns, shotgun shells, exploded trailers, farm equipment and other surreal oddities we found along our jaunt through the breathtaking Tennessee scenery.  Of course, this is the first baby step in the project but here are a few take-aways of the day from the eye of Chad Spann...

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