Sunday, November 25, 2012

LONELY TEARDROPS (Getting the Boot)

Detail of our Collaborative Painting Today

As we were finishing up a collaborative painting session this evening, Jesse Shaw and I were joking with The Wolfman about calling what we do for backgrounds by itself art and giving them pretentious names such as borrowing the titles of classical music compositions.  We'll have to be a bit high brow and borrow "Lonely Teardrops" from Jackie Wilson today since we took turns with the tune stuck in our heads.  Jesse cut some teardrop stencils and the theme was born onto panels. Life inspires art and he also cut some crows out of doilies to have circling the painting as some huge buzzards were circling us overhead while we painted.  Here's some process pics and the final paintings from this afternoon...

Click HERE for Charles "Wolfman" Bennett! (Tell him to get a damn web site already!)

I filmed all of the cold November action today so another riveting TIME LAPSE SPEED PAINTING video is on the way!  Check back later in the week but for now, pay a visit to the DREGstudios! YouTube Page to see more LIVE PAINTING in ACTION!


  1. Love the artwork dude !!!

    1. Thanks man! Cool stuff on the tumblr- gave you a follow.


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