Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Sunday Trucker" Red Felt Pen Doodle on Chipboard

"Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me;
 Other times I can barely see.
 Lately it occurs to me 
 What a long, strange trip it's been."

 -Grateful Dead, Truckin'

On Sundays I get religious... about art.  Most of my time lapse videos you see here on the interwebs are filmed on Sundays.  Making purpose of the Sabbath, I often commune with other artists to see what tune we can evoke together channeled to the creative spirit.

Today, I'm on the road with Chad Spann- professional photographer, amateur unrinator and vigilante artist out of a beer can.  I've had a certain project rattling around the nebulas storming my third eye since I was a teenager.  I've always wanted to travel the length of Highway 13 here in Tennessee from the Kentucky to Alabama state lines and document the journey.  Chad and I have decided to elevate this idea as he will be shooting our trip today to create the backdrop for a story I'll be illustrating over the photographs!  I have a sordid history with Highway 13- an almost entirely rural road running from the north to south borders of the state.  I've been left dead drunk in a ditch, set off fireworks and guns out of moving vehicles, experimented heavily with any number of substances and made sweet love along this staple stretch of my youth.  However, I've never experienced a run of the entire highway as we're in route for at this very moment.  Safe travels to you and yours on your Sunday...

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