Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last night, Aurora and I opened our doors to our closest friends for a Houswarming Party of epic proportions.  Top Shelf Scotch, Homemade Moonshine and plenty of fire fire fire kept us smiling, laughing and loving until the wee hours of the morning.  A special thanks to everyone who made it out to bring gifts, music, drinks and memories we'll never forget!  Here are some wonderfully surreal pictures Paul and Ashley Jae Fly took of the spirits...

For this picture, I scooped a shovel full of hot coals from my Rocket Barrel and made an infinity sign  for the long exposure.  Click HERE to let Dirty Twin teach you how to make your own Rocket Barrel! 

Billy, Ashley and Myself

Billy and Ashley hanging on for dear life

Paul Fly

Dan blowing a Flame

Dan on Fire

One of the best gifts of the evening from Dan- a 17 Year Edition of The Balvenie DoubeWood, a Scotch aged in two  stages which is finished in Sherry Casks... muah! 

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