Thursday, March 14, 2013


This evening, Mitt Romney got a birthday surprise of epic proportions which I'll toast to right now (*clinks a glass of 12 Year Dewar's to the screen*)  In response to Mitt coming out of his fortress of solitude recently, the guy who filmed the now INFAMOUS 47% video has also stepped out of the shadows.  My newest personal hero, Scott Prouty went live on the air here in the States and reminded the general public that you cannot twist a man's own message when it's exposed for the truth it is.  The truth can be a game changer and when the American Press is at the mercy of Corporate Interests, social media is the new judge, jury and executioner of the true Majority Voice.

Scott's video went viral immediately when it was released on Mother Jones last summer.  He never stepped up, stepped out or took any monetary offers for interviews.  For him, the release of his video was simply the right thing to do.  The Press had no access to the majority of Romney's fundraisers and events.  Everything is behind closed doors (and I'm assuming not because the parties get so damn wild.)  The rich elite who exploit the Capitalist system of our country don't want you to hear how they really talk to one another and down to the rest of the world.  By dropping his footage of this private event on YouTube, the playing field was leveled from the rhetoric the GOP campaign was spewing from their stump.  From the horse's mouth, if you will, we finally saw the "real" Mitt.  In the spirit of his purpose, I'll let Scott tell you the rest in his own words...

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We live in a country where our own beloved Freedoms and Civil Rights are now under fire.  We've woken up in a world where the internet is here to lift the veil.  Freedom of Press has been taken hostage from any intelligent and meaningful insight into our modern political plight.  Access to information is the new battlefield which more and more will have in their sites over the next decade.  Keep your voice raised for freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of thought.  Names like Bradley Manning, Aaron Swartz and Julian Assange are just the beginning.  Scott Prouty didn't want to be next for simply showing the world a slice of the truth.  Keep the Internet FREE!

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