Sunday, June 30, 2013


Detail from "Purple Reign"
The grey skies parted this morning here in Tennessee to bring another dose of Southern Pop Surrealism to LIFE!  I hosted the very first collaborative painting session at our new house by having over The American Printmaker Jesse Shaw and Wolfman Bennett.  I lucked out catching Wolfie before he headed down to the Gulf for his vacation next week.  Mr. Shaw is knee deep in teaching the yahoos at APSU about art during their summer semester.

As per our collaborative method, we started laying down a couple of flamboyant backgrounds to utilize today.  In jest, I said we should paint Prince on the first panel after seeing the combination of colors we used.  We bounced back and forth some ideas and the concept of "Purple Reign" was born.  The top panel consists of the Three Kings we created (one per artist.)  The bottom panel is the Kings' guard.  They'll be displayed as seen here in our Southern Pop Surrealism exhibit which will be at No Egrets Tattoo here in Clarksville in August!

We also did have the cameras rolling all afternoon so keep your peepers peeled for a new video coming soon where you can watch today's ENTIRE painting session in just a few minutes!  In the meantime, visit the DREGstudios! YouTube Page to see MORE!

"Purple Reign" Acrylics and Spray Paint on Wood Panels / 2013
Wolfman Bennett, Brandt Hardin & Jesse Shaw

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