Thursday, June 6, 2013

WE the PEOPLE are Bradley Manning

After three years of incarceration by the United States Government, Bradley Manning is being tried for 22 crimes against our country and "Aiding the Enemy" this week.  In 2010, the young soldier was arrested for leaking documents to the now infamous organization WikiLeaks whose founder, Julian Assange currently resides in political refuge himself via the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  This landmark case puts whistle-blowing and freedom of information on trial.  Freedom of Speech is one of the pillars of American life, written and set forth by the Founding Fathers.  Organizations like WikiLeaks exist to expose the public eye and provide the transparency and freedom of information which are supposed to be available to facilitate an open Government.  Today, more whistleblowers and informants have come forward to expose the truth of such things as the wars in the Middle East than ever before in history.  Likewise, more American citizens have been put on trial and prosecuted for such actions than ever before.   

Many men and women have sacrificed their freedom and lives in the name of Human and Equal Rights.  These past few decades, the voice of the people has been ignored as much as ever despite the tools at our disposal to seek out change in society.  For the next few weeks, the American Judicial System is on trial along with Bradley Manning in the court of public perception.  Raise you voice to protect our sacred Freedoms by telling people that YOU too are Bradley Manning!

These memes borrowed real signs created by folks just like you who wanted to share their support through the power of the World Wide Web...



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