Sunday, September 8, 2013


Tonight, Aurora and I are spending the evening beach-side in Ocean City, Maryland with my Sister Becca and Brother-at-Arms Paul.  Today we experienced the majesty which is Assateague Island off the coast of the Virginia-Maryland state line.  This island serves as a refuge for many breeds of wild horses which occupy the island.  The horses were brought over some 300 years ago and still roam the entire stretch of the island today.  Every year, a group of the horses are swam across the bay to Virginia to be adopted and given homes to control the population.  It is a sight to see and you can with these shots my wife and I caught today...

Assateage Island Visitor Center

A Native Eastern Screech Owl of the Island who calls the Visitors Center Home

Really cool Sea Life Mural

Detail of Mural

Detail of Mural

A Touch and Feel exhibit- Paul actually picked this guy out of the tank and played with him!  Horseshoe Crabs are the stuff Science Fiction is made of!

Our First "Proof of Life" for the Wild Horses... we knew they were near!

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