Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Get it Twisted (HAPPY ObamaCare DAY!)

In a World of misinformation, it's important to investigate for yourself beyond the madness of assumption.  While your social media feed melts down before lunch time, people are screaming to the skies, "Damn you Obaamaaa!" shaking their fists over the current Government Shutdown.

 Did you know there have been 17 government shutdowns since 1976?  Today's in particular is an orchestrated act of Political Theater to make you hate.  The Tea Party sect of the Republican Party in particular feeds and thrives off of your anger, which in turn gets them votes.  The past week was spent basing their entire production around attempting once again defund the Affordable Care Act rather than pass a budget to keep our Government running.  You see, ObamaCare (as it's been donned) is much less profitable for the Big Corporations who spend millions funding and lobbying these politicians.  While some of these vultures in DC don't really care about keeping National Parks Open and feeding poor children via WIC, they do care about who bankrolls their next campaign for re-election.  Also, don't lose sight of the fact they won't miss a single day's pay over this.  The Republicans behind this rouse knew last week just as they know today the shutdown wouldn't make these new healthcare mandates go away.  What they also knew is the blame game riles the general public up with misinformation.  The result?  An eruption of anger today instead of jubilation.

Today is already being remembered as the day the Government shut down.  Much more importantly, today also marks Open Enrollment beginning for ObamaCare which on January 1st of next year will cover the millions of uninsured Americans who can't afford to get sick today.  With all this distraction and frustration, less and less people who are eligible will enroll today and far too many won't even realize the doors have opened.  Educate yourself, educate your neighbors and friends and convince them to enroll today if they are in a situation where their families have been denied healthcare.  Don't let the greedy in Washington pull the wool over your eyes.

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