Sunday, October 6, 2013

SOLUBLE FISH at Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl

I'm loving you tonight Nashville!  Consider this a humble thanks to the hundreds of sets of eyes which turned out this evening to make my SOLUBLE FISH Exhibit a HUGE success!  The feedback both to me personally and through the countless gasps, gawks and looks of awe over my work truly inspire me to stay the course with what I do.  I had a blast hanging out with old friends, fellow artists and artisans and new acquaintances alike.  I'll carry the inspiration on my shoulders proudly this coming week!  A Special Thanks to Seth and space GALLERY for giving my work the showcase this month!

Artist's Statement (CLICK HERE to READ IT!)

With my stunningly beautiful and supportive wife Aurora

Photo Bomb!

A proud new owner of some Squid Willies! 

Move It!

Curator Seth and his best impression of surreal aquatic life

My buddy Dan showed up and we hit the town after hanging out with my aquatic oddities!  Thanks to the staff at Past Perfect and our boy Gikuyu for showing us such hospitality! 


  1. Man, this all looks great! I'm sorry I couldn't see it in person.

    1. You can contact Seth, the curator of Space Gallery to view the work anytime over the next two weeks at (615) 582-2098!

  2. Love this stuff brother, I really would love a new work for my wall, especially considering my new sea side locale. Can you email me some pics?


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