Thursday, October 3, 2013


Detail from "Imperial Octopus"
My new solo exhibit, SOLUBLE FISH is THIS Saturday Evening during Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl!  You'll be able to find me at SPACE Gallery in the Arcade Building from 6-9PM with NEW Paintings and Limited Edition Prints of a select few of them!  I've kept a pretty tight lid on this new series of work but you know it's just been eating me up to show them off.  Here's some process pictures and teasers of my fresh paintings.  Each was created with basically the same process of spray-painted backgrounds and acrylics painted on top.  See you Saturday in the Big Nasty!

"Catfish Reference"

"Catfish Underpainting"

"Catfish Fin"

"Gulf Sushi"

Detail of "Octopus Swarm"

Detail of "Soluble Fish"

Process Picture from "Swordfish Seppuku"

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