Monday, October 21, 2013

SOUTHERN POP SURREALISM: The Harbinger of Death and The Pimento Patriot's Parade

Detail of Cyclops (acrylic and spray paint on wood / 2013)
Rain gave way to a flawless sheet of blue covering our Tennessee skies yesterday.  Having planned on doing some live painting this weekend, I was ecstatic to soak up the sunshine as the weather seems to be turning quickly this year.  In December, No Egrets Art Gallery here in Clarksville will be hosting a much overdue unique exhibit featuring collaborative paintings created by myself, Wolfman Bennett and Jesse Shaw.  The show is called Southern Pop Surrealism, the banner under which we've been branding the live painting style we've developed over the past couple of years.  Yesterday yielded what was a very productive session with two new finished panels to show for it!  

A Wheel Barrel Full of Spray Paint!

The painting featuring the Cyclops and Jesse's character, Goody (the harbinger of death) was actually a much-reworked painting Jesse and Charles started months ago during a painting session...

Filming the Entire Process for Time Lapse

"The Harbinger of Death" (Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood / 2013)

"The Pimento Patriot's Parade" (Spray Paint and Acrylic on Wood / 2013)

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