Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Dozen Exquisite Corpses

This past weekend, Aurora and I entertained some of our creative friends for a few rounds of drinks and Exquisite Corpses.  If you aren't familiar, the game involves creating collaborative art by each person drawing and then folding the paper to cover most of what they've sketched.  The paper is then passed to the next player who doesn't know exactly what's been drawn already, only what is left revealed by the previous artist.  Wolfman Bennett, Miranda Herrick and Nathan Parker joined me for three rounds of drawings giving us a dozen collaborations to share with you here!

An example of what the next artist has to go on

Charcoal is normally our tool of choice for Exquisite Corpses because it's a fast medium!

Standing on some Monkey Shoulder to steady the drawing hand!

Of course, the real fun part is unfolding them- it's much like opening a Christmas present!

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