Sunday, November 3, 2013


Music City went under attack for 16 hours a couple of weeks ago as I composed this new work of art for Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery's Haunted Nashville exhibit.  The city is burning and completely overtaken by a squad of oddities including King Kong, Godzilla, a Giant Octopus, Vampire Flies, The Flying Spaghetti Monster,  a Sharknado, Giant Centipedes, a Pterodactyl, UFOs, Flying Eyeballs and even Satan Himself.  I wanted to challenge myself and went a bit larger for this very complex illustration at 14in x 18in.  The preliminary drawing took about four hours and then I filmed the line work and coloring processes to time lapse for a brand new Speed Drawing! The video takes 12 hours of drawing and compresses it into just 4 minutes with some spit by Chali 2na to keep your head bobbing along. (Of course, pictures nor video do any art true justice so to see "Nashville Under Siege" in person, visit Blackbird this month in Nashville!)

Where the Magic Happens

"Nashville Under Siege" Sketch

Satan Rejoicing Sketch

Sharknado Sketch

Tiny Sharks

Again, a reference with the Penny to show just how small all the details get!

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