Friday, December 6, 2013

Southern Pop Surrealism Interactive OPENING RECEPTION

Thanks to all the folks who braved the impending doom of the threat of inclement weather to give us a great audience Thursday night for Southern Pop Surrealism at No Egrets Art Gallery here in Clarksville!  We were delighted to see all the reactions to these collaborative paintings from the past two years.  Nothing compares to the thrill of viewing them on gallery walls with folks showing a full range of emotion from laughter to terror from the imagery!  If you missed the opening reception, you can still drop by No Egrets Tattoo on College St during normal business hours the entire month of December to see the paintings and also watch the videos of us creating them LIVE (on average, each is about 3 minutes time lapsing over 4 hours of painting!)  Here's some candid moments from our opening and live painting session...

We had a laptop streaming the time lapse painting videos for those folks without smart phones!

QR Codes on each painting bring up the video for each work when scanned!

We gave out free posters signed by all three artists at the door- Merry Christmas!

Our curator Heidi Arata

Chad Spann proposing to my wife with a beer cap.  He gets all the ladies.

The Hardins

Ricky Cavaness with his newly purchased painting!

Aurora and Lauren

Murphy's first art exhibit!  She stole the show!

The Shaw Boys

Are you Uncomfortable?

We painted live while folks watched the live painting sessions on their phones of the paintings they were viewing live... it was mind-blowing!

Spontaneous theme of the day: "Three Sharks!"


  1. I really wish I was there man! Love the work!

    1. You're always there in spirit TEADS! Thanks for the constant support brother!

  2. So sorry we missed it. The misses and I didn't want to cough all over your guests. Thank you for putting up all of these great pictures so we could get a taste of what we missed. Looks like an amazing night. Congrats on another success!

  3. Thanks Dano- miss you man! The exhibit will be up through the end of the year if you can make it up to Clarksvegas- we can make dinner plans or something!

  4. Wow!! Great to see this awesome opening reception. The paintings are just awesome. Recently attended an art event at one of event space San Francisco and was amazed to see incredible art and craft work there.


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