Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TOP 10 Comments of 2013 on DREGstudios.com!

Of the nearly 2000 comments left here on my website, I decided a few years back to begin a Top 10 list at the end of each year to dignify some takeaways from those brave enough comment on my work.  I always welcome the conversation and enjoy hearing the points of view of my visitors.  There are certainly advantages and disadvantages alike to allowing Anonymous commenting but I always say, "bring on the crazy!" Bedlam on the comment forum just adds to the atmosphere right?  Here's my own Top 10 favorite comments from 2013...

[10]  You look as pretty as the day you were born honey!

-Charlie Sheen's Mom on Countdown to Halloween: 

[09]  I think Hitler's being denied admission to art school was the deep emotional trigger for his hate of Jews. His calling by God was aborted, by Jews. Think what a small kid would feel if they were making a magnificent something in their sandbox, and some mean person came along and smooshed it. Rage at the whoever, probably. The man was in deep psychic pain. I can understand this since I am a lifelong musician. I had the thought as a kid "I am put on earth to do music & it is holy". During the last few years having suffered incredible pain at not having places to play, and serve God, I can appreciate the tragedy of those who never found their calling or had it aborted. Everyone has a calling from God. Many never find it. I don't know which is worse - never finding it or finding it and having it stolen - like is it worse to never love or love and lose? pondering all this I wrote an article recently on my website I understand Adolph - yes THAT Adolph

-prophetess D on A Happy Little Hitler

[08]  Loved your vaginas!

[07]  Okay it wasn't until I got to the lasers in his eyes that I was finally sure that it WAS satire and not some religious zealot. If that qas your goal, kudos.

[06]  You folks on the Right are hilarious with your hypocrisy...you have made a martyr out of Phil Robertson and his band of yuppies in redneck drag and are defending his warped views on the Bible while calling Pope Francis a Marxist communist pinko for criticizing the immorality of your failed trickle down theory. You have mixed your so called Christianity with unfettered capitalism while calling the poor lazy and takers. Pretty sick....but as Pope Francis says... Who am I to judge?

-Fly in the Ointment on Holy Rollin' Poultry on a Cross

[05]  Her tits are NOWHERE that big. Unless she's wearing the Belmont Girls, they're flatter than fried eggs.

[04]  Traditional narratives are good and bad, and are difficult to correct. As Napoleon once said, history is the tale of the victor. Today the narrative belongs to the state and those who control the state. Not knowing, not questioning makes us fools because we don’t question the narrative. It is why we keep repeating injustice.. Having just read your blog immediately made me think of this piece. Thankyou for such an illuminating piece.

[03]  Hi Folks,  Here is the text of a letter I sent to your Governor when I heard about "you know what." Now I feel bad about it, because I see that y'all are suffering as well.  

"Dear Governor Haslam,   

It has come to my attention that you are going to allow a bill that protects teachers who let children criticize evolution or global warming in classrooms become law. I want to thank you for this, as those of us in Ohio are tired of being ridiculed as ignorant, and I appreciate your efforts to have your state share the spotlight.  

It makes perfect sense to have high school students use their massive experience in scientific methods to correct those silly teachers with their dumb "theories." Better yet, we should get to vote on what science is true, now that would be true democracy in action.  

It occurs to me that there isn't an I.Q. test required to become a State Governor, is there? Science and education may be overrated anyway.  

Thanks again,  


Note: I was unable to use the internal messaging system on your website, it threw an error which I forwarded to your help department. Perhaps some H.S. students could come over and straighten out your servers.."  

His office sent a little form letter praising me for getting involved in the process of Government, and saying that he would send my letter to Legal to get ideas for useful new legislation.  

My condolences fellows.  


[02]  John Lennon isn't dead, he's only sleeping, and dreaming of number nine. Happiness is not a warm gun, bang, bang, shoot, shoot. And the Walrus was Paul, Paul isn't dead either. Some epic brush strokes on these pages, I sense some budding talent, and I hope you pass the audition.

[01]  Back in May, keyboardist Ray Manzarek of The Doors passed away.  I was compelled to create a portrait of Ray since their music was such a massive influence on me since I was a teenager.  A gentleman stopped by to share his story of meeting Ray in person with two wonderful comments...

(1)  Met Ray when he arrived for a Gig in Kitchener Ontario Canada last August.(Manzarek/Rogers Band)Asked him to sign some stuff,he said sure I have come all the way here just to Fuc--- sign your shi--.Oh no I thought. Well he signed and took a photo with me and I thought that would be that.Went to the show(awesome)encore was "Riders on the storm"half way in the Sky opened up and poured for 30 minutes(CREEPY)1.5 hours later me and the wife are in the packed Hotel Lounge.When a limo pulls up with Ray,he pushes pass a bunch of Dealers looking for autographs.He walks into the Lounge swearing about how there is nowhere to sit.Me and the Wife have a booth for 5.I offer him my chair and sit next to my Wife.He accepts and looks at me with curiosty.I said I met you when you arrived this afternoon.Yes I remember,he said,sorry for ambushing you I said.No you`re not he said.The Waitress finally comes over and he says he wants a Hot Toddy but would settle for an Irish Coffee.I told her to put it on my bill.we began to chat,I look over at my Wife and give her the look( is this really happening)1 hour later he thanked us for the chair and the conversation and offers my an Artist drawing(of himself) he was given at the Venue.I gladly accept ,he said he would sign it if only he had a pen.Within about a tenth of a second I produce a Silver ,Gold and Black Sharpie.He laughed and asked if I weanted it personalised.He said goodnight and left out the back way.Ran into him again in the morning as they were getting ready to leave for the Airport.I thanked him for hanging out with us,he said the pleasure was his.He hugged my Wife goodbye and we waived to the Boys as they drove away.Greatest Rock and Roll memory!!!! R.I.P. Ray you`ll be missed.

(2)  It was interesting to sit with him and see what he goes through.I have met many Rock Stars over the years ,but I usually get my Autographs and a quick pic and that`s where it ends.He was left by accident with no Limo to pick him up for an Hour and a half.The temperature had dropped after the rain.He was quite upset.All he wanted to do was get a quiet drink and warm up and relax.As we tried to talk we were interupted more times than I can count.The dealers that he passed on the way in were now in the Lobby but reluctant to enter the lounge for fear of being kicked off the property.He finally had someone tell them to come in for a quick hello but no photos and no autographs.@ teenage boys came in and bowed at his feet like he was the Messiah.Then came the dealers scrambling to pull out albums and photos,some already signed by Kreiger and Densmore.He almost lost it,They took off,accept one guy would not give up(will you sign this one,how about this one,can I send it to your Lawyer to be passed on(OMG)I stood between him and Ray and told the guy I would be signing them and making them worthless if he didn`t leave him alone like he had asked.He was about to ruin my chance encounter with a Rock Legend and that was not happening!!!After he finally left I sat back down and Ray said I could be his Bodyguard for the rest of the night.Fine by me I said.Being a Rock Star is not all Glitz and Glamour.

-Jim Goddard on In Memoriam: Ray Manzarek

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